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Hi-Lite Records is a South Korean independent record label founded in 2010 by rapper Paloalto.

A user from TWITTER under the name of Anythingyg-964 shared some thoughts after Jo Won Woo announced he would joined Hi-Lite Records. "literally only 2 relevant people at hi lite lol why would he do that? If it was 2014 I’d be happy but idk bout that si"


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Former Employee - Class B CDL Delivery Driver says

"Although the pay is good, you will work your butt off for it... up to 100+ hours a week. Expect to hardly ever see your family or friends as you will be on the road for atleast 2 months at a time. When you do get to come home it is usual for less then a week, sometimes as little as a couple days. I came home fo Christmas one time and got a call to be back at the airport at 6am the next morning! You get to see alot of the country but that's only because you will drive everywhere. The work is not too hard, you will probably start out laying down shingles on the edge of the boxes to keep a straight paint line. The foremans are terrible. They are mean, they verbally abuse their workers (they've even had to let a few go do to harassment claims). The foremans expect you to work 100% for 12-24 hrs at a time (yes really) while they sit in their pick up trucks and play on their phones. There is no home support at all, so if you need to take care of something at home it is very difficult to do, you are always at the mercy of the company's schedule. They will often advice you to fudge your driving logs to get the next job. The only days you get off are days when you need a restart, unless you get stuck with a crew who do a lot of 1 to 2 day jobs in which you will work for a day, drive a couple days to the job, sit in the hotel for up 3 days (only make per diem $35) and then repeat. Most guys last 1 to 2 years. Lots of turnover. Oh and if you do decide to quit wait until your home... if you quit on the road they will either make you pay your own way home or put you on a 3 day bus trip."


"Constant paycheck errors. Pay stubs lack information to make sure you are receiving what is due to you."

Purchasing says

"I left my job as a procurement manager for 8 years to join their team. I was let go after three days because "it wasn't working out" I was not given any training on their complete COMPUTER FREE bookkeeping system No cell phone use at all, no headphones w music, no food or drinks at desk. That's right even water needs to be only in the break room. Other employees keep drinks on the bathroom counter. Disgusting! Breaks are at a scheduled time only. I was told I use the bathroom too much (6 times in an 8 hour day doesn't seem excessive) The turn over is very high. Im only warning trust your gut this place is physically a real dump. What kind of lighting company has dark hallways and burned out light bulbs? Doors with missing handles restroom doors without adequate locks. Co workers are encouraged not to talk. It's a very unfriendly and unwelcoming environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Schedule is unpredictable. Pay in the south is low and down time should be compensated. Travel should be compensated better."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Don't try it with this company worked there 3 days.... For 2 of them I was stuck in a hotel.... You can make more money locally so why travel with them?NonAll"

Executive Assistant to the President (Former Employee) says

"Said I was part of the Top 6 but never rewarded or felt like it. The work I did was never good enough. Would work on projects that others were working on doing double the work. Poor communication throughout."

Truck Driver Class A (Current Employee) says

"You will be away from home a majority of the time you never know when you will ever get home... they also only give you 2 days notice on when you get to go back out to work... the money is good and they travel allotGood money and paid hotel roomsNever home may work a 24hr shifts"

Executive Assistant to CEO (Current Employee) says

"There isn't really a typical day as Executive assistant to the CEO. The job itself is always changing day to day. When I first began, I managed the CEO's schedule and wrote the company newsletter. I'd get his coffee and dry cleaning, I regularly attend most of the CEO's meetings to take notes. As my time with the company continued, I began to get more involved with the inner workings of the company. I take on an assortment of projects and tasks from data input to marketing video production and editing. The management is very engaged with the employees. They aren't likely to micromanage. If you are given a project to complete, they trust you can get it done, but they don't forget to follow up when necessary. They are great to work for, while also challenging and push you to step outside of your role and take on new responsibilities. The hardest part of this job can be just how quickly things can change. It's a company that unapologetically moves at maximum velocity and it can steam roll you at times if you aren't ready for it. With that being said, the best part about working for this company is the workplace culture. We go on regular trips as a team (Most recently white water rafting). You have the opportunity to travel to places you never thought you'd have the chance to go to. Though it is my time to move on and find a new place to pursue my career, this company has given me many opportunities for growth and have made me a far more marketable employee than I was when I graduated college. The experience I have gained with Hi-Lite Airfield Services is invaluable."

Project Control Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job was to get data information to upgrade the master schedule. I learned about Airfields services. The most enjoyable part of the job was the freedom to work at my own pace."

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